iOS 7 — House Style!

With all of this talk about the new iOS 7 upgrade for the iPhone, we began thinking, ‘what if your house had periodic upgrades where you didn’t have to do a single thing but push a button and then 15 minutes later (or an hour later if your upgrade froze) you would have the latest technology?’ This would be amazing!!


This is what your new house could look like with this idea:


Before and After 001


All it took was a little paint on the cabinets! The wall paint is even still the same, but what a huge change!


Houzz before and after


Now this one took a little demo work, but holy cow! What a change!! This updated kitchen definitely adds value to this house!


Front Yard, Before and After


Curb appeal doesn’t just attract new buyers, but it also makes your neighbors happy! Just a few plants can create the oasis you always wanted!


Get rid of that builder grade oak! Use GEL stain.

Bathrooms bring in money to a house! Having updated fixtures and a nice finish on the cabinets can really transform the look and feel of a dated bathroom!


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